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Opticon Scanner

The Opticon scanner is a small clicker that you can scan item UPC's or bar code labels to process an order.  The scanner is connected to a Personal Computer in your store to view and edit the order before sending.  An account must have a PC and an internet connection for the Opticon scanner.  There is a weekly $2.50 technology charge for this service.

IPad Mini with scanning sled 

The iPad mini provides a more detailed ordering experience.  The customer can view items ordered while scanning UPC's and barcodes.  Ordering guides and other ordering tools can be setup to assist ordering.  Stores must have a Wi-Fi internet connection for the iPad mini.  There is a weekly $7.50 technology charge for this service.

Web Console

 Web Console is a new online ordering site.  Customers can access the Joe Smith Company catalog and pricing, place orders, view and print invoices.  Additional services include downloading price books, statements and velocity reports.

Web Console is an on-line program that can greatly enhance the Joe Smith Company customer experience.

  • Create and submit orders

  • Comprehensively manage retail pricing schemes

  • Display and print account information and statement

  • Display and print invoices

  • View promotions

  • View detailed product information

  • View pending orders

  • Generate velocity reports

  • Utilize the system from a Corporate or Store perspective

Ask your JSC Salesman for more details.

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